The Myth Of Decluttering.

Decluttering – we’ve all done it. Raced through the house like a screaming banshee,  bin bag in hand,  throwing away our clutter willy nilly! In the hope of what?
In the hope that our decluttered house will suddenly be ship shape, sparkly clean and a haven of bliss. Didn’t happen though did it!

There are a few things I can  argue with.
1. You can’t organise clutter. – well you kind of can. What you can’t organise is junk.  And I think we all have gotten a bit too carried away with the de clutter bug. There is a difference between clutter and junk.

2. A decluttered home is a happy home – NO! A decluttered home belongs in an ikea show room or on a magazine cover. If you actually have kids, or a life for that matter you want a lived in house. Not a show room.

3. Decluttering makes cleaning easier – NO! If you have a mucky home before you declutter then you will not magically have a sparkly home by decluttering.

Now I’m not talking about the homes featured on tv with piles of magazines so high you can’t get in the room,  or the homes where you could quite easily lose a toddler under a mountain of junk. I’m talking about our average  homes.  That would be homes not houses.

Homes are where we grow great memories,  where  we nuture our kids.  Ok,  so it’s not always like The Waltons and we may sometimes wonder why it can’t be that way – but our homes are for living in. 

I love having so many pictures stuck on the fridge that my 5 yr old has painted for me that you forget what colour the fridge really is.  If you take them all off,  then yes it looks decluttered and clear,  but it won’t make me smile when I go grab some cheese or milk.

Sometimes you may have to declutter like a banshee,  for example if you are selling your house and want to create a blank canvas for your potential buyers. But for our day to day lives- how many of us want to live in a blank canvas? ?

So go ahead and toss out the junk.  The crap. But lets keep it in perspective.  We want homes not show room houses. 

Until next time,  any comments gratefully received. You can always catch me on Twitter @organisedmama


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